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Lowest Rates in 14 Months And More Volatility Ahead

Mortgage rates dropped to new long term lows this week with the average lender at the best levels since January 2018. For the most part, we haven’t seen much volatility this year, but that could change soon.

The absence of volatility is a factor of uncertainty, more than anything.  Sources of uncertainty include:

Economic contraction potential […]

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Housing Pops; Rates Drop

Things were starting to look pretty scary for housing up until a few weeks ago. There was a chance that some of the weakness was temporary. Last week’s strong Pending Home Sales report provided some hope, but we didn’t have any other big housing reports to validate the hope… until now.

New Home Sales were as low […]

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Home Sales Bouncing Back, But So Are Rates

Two weeks ago, the newsletter discussed why 2019 could actually be great for the housing market, despite downbeat reports and the likelihood of one more month of weakness for Existing Home Sales. That weakness showed up last week, but with it came a comment from the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors saying home sales were […]

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Why The Housing Market Cares About The Fed

The Federal Reserve (aka “the Fed”) is the US central bank that sets policies relating to the flow of money. Even though they’ll be the first to admit they don’t have perfect control of the situation, their goals are to keep employment high, prices stable, and financial instability at bay.  Because these goals are often at odds and […]

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Why 2019 Could Actually be Great For Housing and Mortgage Markets

By some measures, housing and mortgage markets took a turn for the worse in 2018. Some of the weakness can be thought of in a positive light (i.e. housing “catching its breath” after a strong run). But the rest of the weakness raised questions as to how deep the housing and mortgage market corrections might […]

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Lowest Rates in a Year, And They Could Go Even Lower. What Changed?

The last 2 months of 2018 marked a solid run for mortgage rates. December was particularly good, with rates falling at the fastest pace in at least at least 4 years. Balance that against the fact that early November saw the highest rates in more than 7 years!

It’s not uncommon to see rates fall more […]

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Why We’re Seeing Huge Moves in Home Sales, Prices, and Rates

Brace yourself. There’s a lot to unpack this week. When it comes to factors affecting home sales, rates, and markets in general, we’ve rarely seen such a combination of complexity, uncertainty, and unpredictability.

Home Sales Shocker

After being delayed for several weeks due to the shutdown, we finally got New Home Sales numbers for November.  This isn’t the […]

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Housing Market Weakness Depends on Perspective

This week’s biggest housing-related headline was the drop to a 3-year low in Existing Home Sales. This is just the latest in a series of reports that suggests housing has turned some sort of scary corner. But drawing the line between fear and reality can be a matter of perspective.

Has housing data actually weakened in the past year?  Undoubtedly!  […]

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Is This The Last Chance for Low Rates?

Interest rates have enjoyed several months of prosperity without any major bounce back toward higher levels, but that might be changing as of this week. Could this be the last time we see rates this low for a while?

The answer depends on the definition of ‘a while.’  There’s always some risk that rates will rise for longer than we might […]

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Does Housing Care About The Shutdown?

As long as we’re talking about government shutdowns that last a few weeks, past precedent is highly informative, but the longer the current shutdown continues, the more we’ll be in uncharted territory. This is especially true for the housing market.

The only relevant comparison in the past 20+ years is with the government shutdown of 2013.  Unfortunately, any interesting […]

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