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Rates Spike Ahead of Fed. Is There Any Good News?

Interest rates are a hot topic right now, largely because they’re surging to the highest levels in years depending upon whom you ask and what type of rate you’re asking about.  There is a lot of confusion and even some misinformation about exactly what rates are doing.  Let’s clear that up.

Is this going to be […]

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Rates Paying Price For Sunny August

Last week, we talked about the unintended consequences of a strong economy–namely, that better economic data tends to push rates higher. This week, it was more of the same.  In addition to economic data that generally argued for higher rates, markets also had to deal with updates from central bankers as well as a big […]

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Booming Economy’s Unintended Victims

From a strictly economic standpoint, this week saw the release of several impressive reports. It just so happened the 3 best reports were also the 3 most important reports (based on their typical ability to cause a reaction in financial markets).

Chief among these was the big jobs report on Friday.  This contains multifaceted data but the two […]

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Rate Volatility Lowest in Decades; Is Housing a Factor?

There are a few different ways to measure volatility in the bond market, but one of the simplest is via the average daily trading range.  That particular metric is showing volatility in line with the lowest levels in decades.

The lower volatility goes, and the longer it stays low, the more likely we are to see a big move in rates.  Many […]

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Scary Low Housing Numbers? Not Exactly

There’s no question that some housing markets around the country are showing signs of cooling. Price reductions are starting to show up again after an extended absence, the average home is staying on the market a bit longer, and inventory is finally coming up from the lowest levels in decades.

To top it all off, this […]

Let’s Talk Turkey: Do US Markets Care?

Turkey is the 17th biggest economy in the world in terms of GDP. That’s neck and neck with the Netherlands, roughly 20% bigger than Saudi Arabia (the next closest country) and 4 times bigger than Greece.  So the fact that Turkey is in the throes of a debt crisis is making news.

But is Turkey moving domestic markets or are investors just gawking at […]

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Glimmers of Hope For Home Sales and Rates

News has been pretty grim recently for interest rates and the housing market. This week’s developments may provide a glimmer of hope.  Granted, it could turn out to be false hope, but for now, let’s focus on the glimmer!

Freddie Mac reported a medium-big move higher in mortgage rates this week.  Freddie Mac was wrong.  Actually, to be fair, Freddie’s methodology […]

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Putting Home Sales Slowdown in Perspective

Both New and Existing Home Sales came in lower than expected this week. Taken together with last week’s big drop in Housing Starts, this raises obvious questions about the housing market. How much should you worry?

Incidentally, I posed the same question in last week’s newsletter.  You can revisit it with this link or simply read on.  The answer is the […]

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Should We Worry About a Housing Slowdown?

A monthly report on new residential construction came out this week, showing a big drop in housing starts (the groundbreaking phase following a building permit). Should we worry about a slowdown in home sales?

The short answer is “no.”  The long answer is a bit more nuanced, but in both cases, we’re certainly not standing on the edge […]

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Lowest Rates Since May, But There’s a Catch

Rates ended the week at the best levels since late May. That sounds pretty great, right?! Unfortunately, there’s a fairly big catch.

The problem with the past month and a half is that the range has been excruciatingly narrow.  In fact, if you’ve been in the market for a loan during that time, you probably haven’t seen […]

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