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Don’t Be Fooled By Trade War News

This week’s most prominent news was the so-called “official” beginning of the trade war between the U.S. and China. For something so official, it left much to be desired in terms of market movement. Let’s sort out what’s real, what’s not, and where our focus should be.

So is there a trade war?

Yes, to whatever extent […]

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Who (or What) Is Pulling The Strings?

Conventional market wisdom tends to classify stocks and bonds as archetypal investments on opposite ends of the risk spectrum.  Stocks are for those who feel confident enough in the economy to take risks and bet on growth.  Bonds are safe havens that offer at least some return no matter what.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise to […]

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2 Very Different Ways to Look at Housing Numbers

This week was chock full of housing data ranging from construction and builder sentiment to the most recent tally on existing home sales. The takeaways can vary depending on your angle of approach. So let’s look at all angles!

A key news item came from the New Residential Construction report, which counts building permits and “housing starts” (the breaking […]

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Fed Hikes. Rates Fall. Have We Hit a Ceiling?

As expected, the Fed raised rates this week.  Mortgage rates and 10yr Treasury yields (which aren’t directly tied to the Fed Funds Rate) actually moved lower for the rest of the week.  How did that happen and what might it mean for the bigger picture?

Remember, the market is all about “pricing-in” whatever it thinks it knows about the future.  If the […]

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Next Week’s Fed Rate Hike Won’t Affect Rates

The Federal Reserve meets 8 times a year to set its policy rate: The Fed Funds Rate. At next week’s meeting, a “rate hike” is a foregone conclusion. And that’s precisely why it won’t matter.

The financial market is the quintessential “discounting mechanism.”  That means the price of any given asset will move based not only on what’s happening today, but […]

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How Italy Rocked Rates And What To Watch For Next

Italian political drama already had an impressive impact on US interest rates last week. This week brought more surprises and even bigger reactions for better and worse (and in that order).

Last week’s newsletter contains a fairly detailed discussion on the Italy effect.  It’s worth revisiting if you have a moment.  If not, here’s the gist: investors are concerned that […]

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Don’t Be Fooled By Fake News on Rates and Housing

It was a complex week in the world of mortgage rates and housing markets. Complexity often creates inconsistent news coverage. At best, most of the coverage fell short. At worst, some of it was downright wrong. Let’s clear things up!

Last week’s newsletter covered the surge to the highest interest rates in roughly 7 years.  To be sure, this […]

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Higher Rates Deserve Attention, Not Panic

This week’s key story was the big spike in interest rates.  Is it something that deserves our attention?  Certainly!  That’s why we give rising rates plenty of attention week after week.  That having been said, is it the end of the world for the housing market?  Certainly not.

What Happened?

In short, rates for mortgages and other long-term […]

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What Iran Means For Housing and Rates

The US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal dominated the news this week. This will arguably impact rates, albeit in a subtle, roundabout way. The housing market won’t care much, but it’s not without its own challenges.

Interest Rate Considerations

It takes a bit of work to connect recent interest rate moves to the Iran news.  In […]

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Too Soon to Think About The Next Recession?

One short week after witnessing a return of interest rate volatility, it disappeared again this week. Mortgage rates saw some small-scale ups and downs, but generally held very close to last Friday’s levels.  All this despite the presence of important economic data and a policy announcement from the Fed.

Investors are wrestling with bigger decisions about where the economy goes from […]

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