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Who Gets The Blame For Higher Rates?

Are you mad? Whether you’re a housing/mortgage professional or simply a person who might like to buy/sell/refinance a house at some point in the near future, you have a right to be frustrated.

Housing is definitely in the midst of a cooling phase.  There are many reasons for this, and they’re not all bad or abnormal.  It’s hard to […]

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Why Strong Job Gains Hurt Both Sides of The Market

October has a bit of a reputation in financial markets as being more prone to volatility than most months. While there are solid theories as to why (earnings, start of Federal fiscal year, seasonal staffing patterns among traders), there’s no solid rhyme or reason as to how the volatility will play out.

This time around, October […]

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Here’s Why You Can’t Trust The News When it Comes to Stocks and Interest Rates

It’s been all over the news in October, and before then in February: rising rates are causing heavy stock losses! The bigger the stock losses, the more rates get blamed. To some extent, and for some investors, that may be true, but it sure wasn’t true this week.

This week was all about stocks, and if […]

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A Few Great Reasons Not to Lose Hope in Housing and Rates

Times are tougher than they have been for the housing and mortgage markets. Rates are at 7 year highs, and home sales/prices are noticeably cooling. 2008’s mortgage meltdown taught us to fear the worst at times like this, but there are some good reasons you probably shouldn’t.

Yes, housing is cooling and prices are no longer rising at unsustainable levels.  […]

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Interest Rates Don’t Go Up In a Straight Line – Here’s Why

If you’ve been anywhere close to the housing market over the past few years, you know mortgage rates have been rising. Last week brought one of the sharpest increases in years even as rates were already pushing long-term highs. Now, this week’s massive stock sell-off dropped in to remind us that rates don’t always rise […]

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Rates Surged to 5% This Week. Is There Any Hope?

For the first time since early 2011, the average mortgage lender is quoting conventional 30yr fixed rates of 5.0%. This happened fairly quickly too, with an increase of 0.25% just in the past 3 days. What’s causing all this drama and is there any hope that it will subside?

As far as causes go, here’s an […]

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Rates Spike Ahead of Fed. Is There Any Good News?

Interest rates are a hot topic right now, largely because they’re surging to the highest levels in years depending upon whom you ask and what type of rate you’re asking about.  There is a lot of confusion and even some misinformation about exactly what rates are doing.  Let’s clear that up.

Is this going to be […]

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Rates Paying Price For Sunny August

Last week, we talked about the unintended consequences of a strong economy–namely, that better economic data tends to push rates higher. This week, it was more of the same.  In addition to economic data that generally argued for higher rates, markets also had to deal with updates from central bankers as well as a big […]

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Booming Economy’s Unintended Victims

From a strictly economic standpoint, this week saw the release of several impressive reports. It just so happened the 3 best reports were also the 3 most important reports (based on their typical ability to cause a reaction in financial markets).

Chief among these was the big jobs report on Friday.  This contains multifaceted data but the two […]

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Rate Volatility Lowest in Decades; Is Housing a Factor?

There are a few different ways to measure volatility in the bond market, but one of the simplest is via the average daily trading range.  That particular metric is showing volatility in line with the lowest levels in decades.

The lower volatility goes, and the longer it stays low, the more likely we are to see a big move in rates.  Many […]

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