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Rates at 3-Month Highs and They Could Go Higher

Last week, we discussed a fairly quick move toward LOWER rates. One short week later and we’re forced to discuss an even more abrupt move back toward HIGHER rates. By Friday, the average mortgage lender was quoting the highest rates in more than 3 months, and things could get worse before they get better.

In both cases, breaking […]

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What’s Behind This Week’s Big Drop In Rates?

I’ve gone out of my way on several occasions to explain why mortgage rates are not directly affected by Fed rate cuts. Now this week, the Fed cut its rate and mortgage rates dropped abruptly the very next day. Is it time to revisit this logic?

Not even a little bit.  It is true that the Fed […]

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Is It Time To Worry About Rising Rates?

In about 2 weeks, the big bond rally of 2019 (i.e. the big drop in rates!) will officially be 1 year old (because it actually began in the 2nd week of November).  This has been a uniquely interesting year for rates.  Granted, there are plenty of other years with the same sort of big overall […]

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Why Do Rates Care About Brexit?

The UK’s attempt to exit the EU (aka “Brexit”) is back in the news.  UK voters decided to part ways with the EU in 2016, but it’s taken this long to hammer out the details.  After an extension of the original deadline earlier this year, the new deadline of October 31, 2019 is approaching quickly.

That’s […]

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The Trade Deal Just Made Your Mortgage Rate Higher, But There’s a Catch

It would have been hard to make it through this week without hearing about Friday’s trade deal progress, but how does it affect you?  At face value, a healthy trade partnership is good for the global economy, but if you need a mortgage any time soon,  the trade deal just pushed your rate higher.  

Rates actually began […]

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Don’t Believe The News on Mortgage Rates

As of Thursday, most major news outlets and even several important trade organizations ran headlines claiming mortgage rates were flat this week.  But rates are actually much lower compared to last week.  What’s up with that?

The culprit is the weekly mortgage rate survey compiled by Freddie Mac which has been the mortgage world’s go-to rate index for decades.  There’s nothing […]

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Housing Market Ended Summer With a Bang

Looking at the calendar (and the weather, depending on where you live), summer may seem like an increasingly distant memory, but for housing market data, things are just heating up.

Whether we’re talking about the housing market or almost any other aspect of the economy, the biggest economic reports tend to be released long after the days when the […]

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While this newsletter series has said it many times before and in many different ways, it bears repeating (and perhaps some extra emphasis this time around): THE FED DOESN’T SET MORTGAGE RATES.

Here are several recent examples of the same thesis for those that really want to dig in to the underlying science and track record:

Worst […]

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Worst Week For Rates in 6 Years. Fed Rate Cut Won’t Help

Remember the summer of 2013? Fans of low rates would rather forget it. Specifically, the 2nd to last week in June 2013 marked one of the most abrupt mortgage rate jumps on record. You’d have to go back to 1987 to see anything bigger.

The first week of July 2013 was the 2nd worst week of […]

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Best Year For Rates Since 2002, How Low Can They Go?

Mortgage rates are on a tear.  As of this week, 2019 is now the best year in more than a decade in terms of the peak-to-trough move.  But there’s a catch: 2019 isn’t over yet, and there’s always a risk that rates move higher between now and the end of the year.

So, will they (move higher)?

There are plenty […]

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